Jerusalem 3D Art

Jerusalem 3D Art

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Beautiful Blue Jerusalem-3D ART
This beautiful deluxe 3D art print will make a lovely and exotic addition to your home. Visit Jerusalem from the comfort of your own home.
Designed by Zipora Masel
Size: 65" x 36" This piece will fill an entire wall of your living room. The frame alone is worth the price.
What is hidden beyond the walls of the Old City? Is the first question that enters every visitors you walk through the Zion Gate you are awestruck by the stone roads and homes. In fact, the Old City is a city within a city, teeming with life and a personality of its own. What strikes you the most is the feeling of anticipation and expectation as you draw nearer and nearer to your destination: The Kotel. This picture captures Jerusalem on a clear crisp day, portraying the vibrant colors of the stone against the sky. Bring the Old City of Jerusalem to your home.

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